0. I’m thinking about relations, between men and women.

1. Lover’s relationship is like the game theory.

2. Men like games. The harder they hunt, the more it means to them.

3. The game is full of tricks; everyone plays hard to get with each other in the relationship.

4. When two lonely souls melt together, is the loneliness halved or multiplied?

5. Relationships do not cause loneliness. They bring out what it is already in you.

6. They bring out loneliness; they bring out misinterpretation.

7. So misinterpretation comes from thoughts pre-occupied in one’s mind.

8. People judge others by appearance, unconsciously.

9. So the first impression is very important.

10. But appearance tends to be deceptive.

11. Women care about appearances. Men care about women’s appearances.

12. Women take diet pills to look better, although the side effects make them stay awake all night.

They are addicted to diet pills as they are addicted to perfection.

13. To achieve perfection, women get rid of body hair because men don’t like body hair on women.

14.Body hair grows every day.

15. In ancient times women are properties.

16. People hide their properties; in the same way, men hide their wives.

17. As an artist, my body is the material in my works.

18. And I will not hide my works.

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